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Time Management

What can rocks, marbles, and sand teach you about time management?

Shape Your Mindset

What are some daily inputs that we let into our thoughts?

Ways to Destress

What are some effective ways that you can reduce stress? Learn about 6 effective strategies.

Health Coach

Finding Ways to Improve Our Mindset

As an educator in health and human development, I feel that I am always learning and looking for ways to improve myself.  My main passion is about health – physical, mental, cognitive, spiritual, social and emotional. Since we are given one life to live, in order to enjoy life we need to keep healthy in all areas. And as I seek to be the best version of myself,  I find that the state of my mindset plays a big role in how I approach not only my health but also other aspects in my life. So in this blog, I hope to share ideas, tips, and strategies that I learn along the journey of life. So join me!

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